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Pay transaction

Make Alice send money to Bob.
You should now have money in the previously created account: Alice's account.
You can now run the Unix example program to send money to Bob with the -p flag:
$ ./examples/unix/unix_example -p
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:217] 😎 Vertices SDK running on Unix-based OS
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:137] 🔑 Loading private key from: /Users/cyril/Documents/work/vertices/c-vertices-sdk/examples/unix/config/private_key.bin
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:194] 💳 Alice's account IZV2H3YRLCPOTUL5ATG5T3TRMUEXKLOGFWYO34NVKRMTXKZO2OOAJ34IWI
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:250] 🏎 Running on testnet-v1.0 v.2.5.0
🟢 [src/account.c:42] 👛 Added account to wallet: #0
🟢 [src/account.c:42] 👛 Added account to wallet: #1
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:263] 🤑 10.000000 Algos on Alice's account (IZV2H3YRLCPOTUL5ATG5T3TRMUEXKLOGFWYO34NVKRMTXKZO2OOAJ34IWI)
🟢 [src/algorand/algorand_transaction.c:307] 🧾 Transaction executed, ID: I5CG4PC7V6XKEGHZUUZF25I3JXBQKLU4AUV4HANQYAHH4TCPVWWQ
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:290] 💸 Alice sent 1 algo to Bob
🟢 [src/account.c:89] 👛 Deleted account from wallet: #0
🟢 [src/account.c:89] 👛 Deleted account from wallet: #1
Now you can check the transaction status on AlgoExplorer for Testnet, using the transaction ID printed I5CG4PC7V6XKEGHZUUZF25I3JXBQKLU4AUV4HANQYAHH4TCPVWWQ.
Alice sent 1 Algo to Bob
Below we can see the Sender and Receiver along with the Note added to the transaction: Alice sent 1 Algo to Bob.