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Application call

Interact with a decentralised application: store a value on the blockchain.
We have set up a really simple stateful smart contract to test the application calls. This smart contract is expecting an integer as a parameter. It then stores the sum of values and the number of values as global states within the application and the last value sent as a local state in the user account.
Overview of the Smart Contract's behavior
The smart contract source can be found here.
Once you've put some money into your account, you can run the Unix example program with the -a flag:
$ ./examples/unix/unix_example -a
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:245] 😎 Vertices SDK running on Unix-based OS
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:140] 🔑 Loading private key from: /Users/cyril/Documents/work/vertices/c-vertices-sdk/examples/unix/config/private_key.bin
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:201] 💳 Alice's account E3PGTXKDOODVQ3E2ZB5PMJF2W3YOKIPUPLFDTESSP6562QE4GTLAKO4VXY
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:278] 🏎 Running on testnet-v1.0 v.2.6.0
🟢 [src/account.c:42] 👛 Added account to wallet: #0
🟢 [src/account.c:42] 👛 Added account to wallet: #1
🟢 [examples/unix/main.c:293] 🤑 2.907842 Algos on Alice's account (E3PGTXKDOODVQ3E2ZB5PMJF2W3YOKIPUPLFDTESSP6562QE4GTLAKO4VXY)
🟢 [src/algorand/algorand_transaction.c:435] 🧾 Transaction executed, ID: WEXZJNY4UIVTZLYP2DXMZZTA5FMEEOLCQCVM6J66DZDCAW6YJWZQ
🟢 [src/account.c:104] 👛 Deleted account from wallet: #0
🟢 [src/account.c:104] 👛 Deleted account from wallet: #1
Now you can check the transaction status on AlgoExplorer for Testnet, using the transaction ID printed WEXZJNY4UIVTZLYP2DXMZZTA5FMEEOLCQCVM6J66DZDCAW6YJWZQ.
Here is the status of the transaction:
Application call transaction


If the account calling the smart contract never opted in the application, it will be automatically done.