Get started with the Vertices SDK in a few easy steps.


The Vertices SDK currently supports the Algorand Blockchain. The following information relates to Algorand's ecosystem.

In this tutorial, we are going to run an example on your machine where Alice sends a payment transaction to Bob.

Here Alice sends 1 Algo to Bob. Alice is the sender, Bob the receiver.

Before starting off

The Vertices SDK is still in beta. This must not be used for production.

Get the source

Start by downloading the source of the repository along with the submodules:

# clone into current directory including its submodules
git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/vertices-network/c-vertices-sdk
cd c-vertices-sdk

Set up your environment

We recommend using Conda to isolate your development environment and keep up to date with the dependencies.

Install miniconda if you're running on x86_64 architecture and miniforge for ARM CPUs.

brew install libsodium curl cmake python3 ccache

Let's go

You can run Vertices on several targets. Get started quickly on your machine or try the example on your ESP32-based board:


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