Get application data

Global states

/// Get application global states. Parse variables are put into \c global_states
/// \param app_id Application ID
/// \param global_states Key-value pairs to store variables
/// \return codes
///     * VTC_SUCCESS on success: key-values have been parsed correctly and put into global_states
///     * VTC_ERROR_INTERNAL if unable to instantiate parser
///     * VTC_ERROR_NOT_FOUND if key not found
vertices_application_get(uint64_t app_id, app_values_t * global_states);


  • app_id: application ID.

  • global_states: pointer to app_values. This structure can store several key-value pairs (integer or byte slices). Make sure to init to 0 before passing to the function.

Return codes

  • VTC_SUCCESS if the application data have been parsed into global_states

  • VTC_ERROR_INTERAL if the parser cannot be instantiated.

  • VTC_ERROR_NOT_FOUND if JSON keys cannot be correctly parsed

  • VTC_ERROR_OFFLINE if offline

  • VTC_HTTP_ERROR on HTTP error

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